Brandon S. Amison

Yaking Cat Music Studios

Canyon Country, CA

(661) 476 - 9641

"Our sound is music to your ears"



W e o f f e r a v a r i e t y o f a u d i o s e r v i c e s i n c l u d i n g :

Full Album Production
Full scoring for film and television
Music for video games
Engineering/Consulting services

All at a cost to fit YOUR budget!

Rates start at $35/hr plus Tape/CD

Independent Filmmakers & Producers: Get SPECIAL rates and attention!

For credits, click here*12/21/05
For a list of awards, click here

P r e v i o u s c l i e n t s :
ESPN Kool And The Gang
TNN Ozo Matley
PBS Sony Records
USA Networks Interscope
J.B. Hunt Trucking Nintendo
General Motors Simon & Schuster Interactive
Coco's Restaurants TDK Mediactive

F e a t u r i n g (very general) :
NED Synclavier 6400 GIANT custom sample libraries
NED Synclavier II Sonar XL 1.3.1 (Cakewalk)
NED DirectToDisk PostPro  Digital Performer 4.61
GIANT Macintosh Systems 6 Studio computers, with CD printer
Yamaha DTXpress electronic drum set Cubase VST 5.2
GIANT MIDI setup Tassman 3.0/Storm 2.0/Reason 2.5
Roland JV-1010 Sound Module Finale 2001, Melodyne
56 inputs, 56 outpus, 300 tracks T-Racks 24, Custom Mastering Software
Mackie mixers ACID, GigaStudio
Lexicon/DBX/DOD/Alesis Shure/AKG/CAD mics
Johnson Amplification/Behringer Ibanez/Fender/Boss

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