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Posted 05/15/05

Experienced bass player needed for gig at Hard Rock in June 2005.  Email me if interested (helping a friend). - Brandon

Posted 04/14/05

Hi, my name is san-d, and im either looking for a gand that needs a guitarist. i been playing for 5 years and i want to start a punk rock band, bassist, drummer and a 2nd guitarist that can follow me ( has to have a least one year of experience) must be between the ages of 15-19. if interested please contact me at: san_rockmaniac@yahoo.com

Posted 04/14/05

if anyone is looking for a bass player let me know.  interests are rock, punk, alternative.  been playing for 4 years have 3 basses, 3 amps, and a PA system. e-mail me back if interested Captainkiel3@aol.com thats also my screen name

Posted 04/14/05

We really need a bass player as well as a 2nd guitarist, a DJ, and a singer.  Also, myself and my drummer are photographes that work for a local studio.  Let me know if anyone is interested in band photos.  "Hallowed Ground" Dan Hamrick danham02@sbcglobal.net

Posted 02/24/05

Scars to Show are looking for a Bassist.  Our style can be considered hardcore/metalcore/post hardcore- something close to those; kind of all of them.  We have endorsements with Oblivious Clothing and Halo Guitars pending.  We need a Bassist to make it happen.


Posted 02/11/05

Catharsis is looking for these musicians.  The drummer must have an electronic drum kit.  Our influences include but aren't limited to Depeche Mode, Joy Division, The Cure, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Apoptygma, Berzerk, Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, and others.
Please visit our web site:
Email us:

Posted 01/11/05

Bass player needed.  Santa Clarita area.  Basic proficiency required.  Multiple styles.
Third party ad.


Posted 12/18/04

REMOVED 04/14/05

Posted 8/25/04

Experienced drummer (in Santa Clarita) seeks band or musicians to jam.  Influences are Steely Dan, Santana, Tears For Fears, Jellyfish, Camel, Kevin Gilbert, Earth Wind & Fire, Porcupine Tree, Supertramp, Weather Report & Stevie Wonder.  Please email me at davidrobin888@sbcglobal.net

Posted 7/15/04

Need a bassist and a singer.  Ages 14-17.  Much experience unnecessary.  Band just beginning.  Email me, AIM me "greenrudedog", or call home 661-251-6821 / cell 661-714-8654  Dan

Posted 6/19/04

Drummer needed for power/thrash/death metal band. Must have experience and must contribute. Influences are In Flames, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, D.R.I., Rage against the machine, etc. Ages 14-19. If interested email me or IM TheJester616.

Posted 6/12/04





PEVEY 4X10 1/2 CAB 



Posted 6/09/04

FLASHPOINT is looking for a singer

Contact: David Dzaich 661-298-1748

Posted 6/09/04

Singer looking to start eighties type band. Prefer msuicians over 30. Possible play gigs. Hobby and love for music. Have practice space.


Posted 6/04/04 * new email

Guitarist looking to start a rock band by hobby to see where it leads. Lead guitarist, drummer, bassist, and singer wanted. Influences would be the Beatles, White Stripes, The Who, etc. Been playing for about 4 years on rhythm guitar. If interested email me at v_otazo@yahoo.com

Posted 5/12/04

Hey its Tim from DRIVEN.  Our drummer recently decided to leave the band to persue other things and right now we are searching far and wide for a new drummer to complete our lineup.  If anyone is interested just have them email LobePunk@aol.com.

Posted 3/29/04

REMOVED 02/24/05

Posted 3/28/04

Hey my band is looking for a Singer for a cool punk rock band. Were lookin for some one within the ages of 14-16. Some Influences are: TSOL, Adolescents, Circle Jerks, Exploited, Black Flag, Defiance, Global Threat etc. If interested contact shane at herewegoagain86@sbcglobal.net

Posted 3/26/04

hey its Ryan Clapham,
So I was wondering if you could keep your eyes open for a singer for us, in the age range of 20-24, The band I'm in hasnt had a singer in a LoOoNg time, and thats all we need for a full line up. Our sound is like, thirdeyeblind, meets jimmy eat world, you can check us out on www.purevolume.com/gloryberadio (the song called sample is what we most sound like) anyway Brandon if you know of any one, any one at all, please let me know ASAP, also, if you do find one, please, no sissy emo lyric writers, we dont want songs about how his girl friend dummped him, we need a rock star singer. 

Posted 3/19/04

Social Disaster is seeking a guitarist, must be a talented guitarist and 
influences include Taking Back Sunday, Finch, Atreyu, Senses Fail, A Static 
Lullaby, Avenged Sevenfold, bands like that,  you must have your own 
equipment and are open on at least Wed. for practice.  We have been a band 
for 7 months now and we recorded a demo but due to the loss of our guitarist 
we are searching for one.  If you are interested send an email to 

Posted 3/01/04

Evacuation Plan is looking for a drummer to complete their 
Jeff Buckley meets Radiohead sound. Guitarist, Bassist and 
Vocalist are all Cal Arts Alumni and are looking for an 
experienced performer with creativity and strong musicianship.
Looking to record demo and continue performing 2-4 times a 
Contact 661 799 2715 or ryan@evacuationplan.net.

Posted 1/30/04

ALL ELSE FAILS looking for an experienced singer who is dedicated hard working and is available tues and thur for practice.  must be age 16 or above, has good ideas, PA is Preffered and anxious to play live shows. E-mail me back or call my cell 661 857-1702

Posted 1/22/04

I'm looking to start a band that is experimental, yet accessible.  Influences include: Nine Inch Nails, Tool.  I am a beginning-intermediate guitar player.  I can't read music, and I am not claiming to be an expert.  I did play in a band for nine months, to give you some idea of where I'm at.  Looking for bassist, guitarist, drummer or singer to start jamming with and see where it goes.  I'm located in S.C.V.  If interested, please e-mail me at: Ryan31383@yahoo.com.

Posted 1/11/04

I'm looking to start a punk rock band between the ages of 14-16. influences are the offspring, social distortion, pennywise etc. will be needing a bassit, drummer, and possibly a singer. interseted? email DRIguy14@yahoo.com

Posted 11/02/03

Wanting to start new band: male or female, ages 13-17. Rock music in the styles of Green Day and Avril LeVine.
Email: blallier2002@yahoo.com

Posted 10/26/03

Established band seeking mid-twenties lead singer.  Good sining ability plus GREAT energy is a must.  Songwriting encompasses both Soundgarden and Beatles and everything inbetween.  IOW, music is a very creative (strong melodies) yet modern and sellable with guitars, bass, drums and DJ.
Daren 661-373-8343

Posted 9/28/03

hey i'm looking to start a street punk band, influences should be the unseen, a global threat, clit 45, the virus, etc.. ages 12-14 so ya just contact me at my e-mail later  david innes punkrocker18213@hotmail.com

Posted 9/14/03

Sax player looking to form/join band. Blues,
Rockabilly swing. Experienced and itching to play.
Email: jon_nilsen@yahoo.com

Posted 8/12/03

Wanted: Dedicated drummer to complete four piece established punk rock band. Must be between ages of 18-25, have own gear and transportation, be willing to tour and practice 4-5 times a week and rip it up(timing is a must). We have label and management interest. If this could be you, call and leave message or email
Mike 661-313-6352

Posted 8/06/03

Local Rock/Fusion band looking for a DJ! Influences should include Linkin
Park, Staind, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Primus, Incubus, Chili Peppers... etc. MUST
HAVE OWN EQUIPMENT!!! Serious musicians only please.

email: danham02@sbcglobal.net

Posted 7/11/03

I am an experienced guitar/bass/keyboard player and singer.  I'm either looking to put together a hard rock band, or join any kind of band.  Influences: lots of classic rock, blues rock, pop rock, hard rock, metal...Can play punk/rage rock.  I write music and lyrics, and would like to find others who are writer-musicians.  Anxious to play live gigs.  Contact me @ colinguitar@yahoo.com

Visit my website at: www.geocities.com/colinguitar/shangrila.html

Posted 7/8/03

I am trying to put together a benefit cd for Adam Marcus who just passed away on may 31st 2003 on Bouquet Canyon Road. All proceeds of the cd are going to go to his family for the money they put forth to lay their son to rest.... Also we are looking for more bands (Punk and/or hardcore) to be on the compilation so if you know of any that would be interested put in a word about it. 
Contact Jason Siwanowicz Scars2Show@aol.com

Posted 7/7/03

Time Warmer has a local music video show on public access,  it's a show that features local unsigned or indie label bands (such as At Dawn) music videos. either live or concept videos. no charge of course for airing them. 
For more information, check out www.atdawnalternativerock.com

Posted 7/4/03

Dynamic drummer wanted by alternative rock band "At Dawn". Must be completely devoted to music, experienced and able to start playing once you sit down! We're based in Canoga Park and have a private studio. Check out our website for more info and song samples from our  first CD.
  Jay (818) 882-7812 

Posted 6/27/03

Drummer wanted ASAP!!!
L.A. based punk band the Ladykillers seek drummer.  We need you now!!!  5 week U.S. tour booked for Sept/Oct.  Must be dedicated, hard hitting, have good equipment and transportation.  Quick learner and great timing a must.  We are drunk punk rock n' roll.   Bands we love are Socail D, the Clash, The Ramones, Murder City Devils and Johnny Cash.  If interested contact ASAP.
Adam@661-305-7729 or
Check out tunes @ www.galeforce-records.com

Posted 6/25/03

The Longing, a new band from Northridge/SCV is looking for a bass player and possibly a second guitarist.  Right now we have Drums, Guitar, and Vocals.  We are looking for someone between 18 and 22, with their own equipment.  We are looking to record in the near future and start playing shows as soon as possible.  The Longing is Punk/Emo with a touch of Screamo who's influences include AFI, Taking Back Sunday, The Ataris, Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day, 50 Cent (Just kidding) and other such cry your ass off while playing the guitar and singing type music.  If interested E-mail Drew@TheLonging1@Hotmail.com 

Posted: 5/15/03

Im looking for a band based on blues, heavy metal, and classic rock. Im a well rounded guitarest and have played with such bands as Hotbox, and Raw Nerve. I am very experienced so if your looking for a guitarest try me out. Thecryingaxe@aol.com

Posted: 4/20/03

Mornington is looking for a singer, or singer/guitarist.  Influences include The Clash,
The Cure, The Police, Murder City Devils, At The Drive In, The Smiths.  If interested
contact Curtis at cdbaxter2@earthlink.net

Posted: 3/30/03

im an experienced guitarist looking to start a melodic metal band
contact info : Alex  home 661 297 3157 cell 661 373 3865 tugnuttrance@hotmail.com

Posted: 3/13/03

guitarist for Shoz-bot

Posted: unknown

Weedeeter is looking for Band techs
to help with the terrible burdens of our everyday lives.  Any and
all positions are available. If you are at all interested, or you
would just like to make fun of me for asking, please contact me @