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updated 02/17/05 - Daren Pfeifer *New

Featuring all up and coming independent SESSION PLAYERS in the area including:
Brian Asmussen
Instrument: Drums
Credits:Played with several bands and talented musicians.
Comments:Can play any style for cash!
Website/contact: bda5@socal.rr.com
Bill Brennenstuhl
Instrument:  Drums
Credits: Blue Man Group, John Lee Hooker, etc.
Website/contact: click here
Bob Clendenen
If you know of any local shows in May or June that could use a short to medium length set by asinger/songwriter in the folk 
rock/blues tradition I would be honored to perform. 
Website/contact:  Bob Clendenen
Chris Coulter * updated 08/05/04
My name is Chris Coulter.
I teach Electric Bass Classes at College of the Canyons.
We have 2 exciting classes this semester.
I.) Music 170 Electric Bass Concepts I
This is a beginning bass class that covers music reading, theory, 
creating bass lines and playing through many contemporary styles.

2.) Music 171 Electric Bass Concepts II
This is the advanced class that covers advanced music theory, more 
styles and analysis of playing the Electric bass   in a band.

The classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and are lots of fun. 
Tuition is very cheap for a semester long class.

More info can be found at

Eric Brown
Instrument:   Drums/Percussion
Credits:   Currently playing with the band Psydafect.  Also played with other bands with creative and talented musicians.
MP3:  Available on website - www.psydafect.com
Comments:   Excerpt from club review, Music Connection Magazine, Vol. XXVI, No. 23 November 11 - November 24, 2002.
Performance: "Serving as a significant focal point of the performance, Brown contributed to the visceral energy of the set with banging head and a frenzy of flailing arms and sticks."
Musicianship: "Consistently fueling each song with a flurry of unihibited beats, Brown ironically serves as the most captivating musician."
Website/contact:  www.psydafect.com  ,  Eric Brown - Psydafect@aol.com or LUV4ZEPLN@aol.com
Instrument: Drums
Credits: Former drummer of Neve on Columbia (the single Its Over Now went to #16 on the top 40 in the U.S. and #2 in Japan). Session player- played on over 30 records with sales totaling over 1 million sold. many TV and Movie tracks also. 
Performance: I have toured the world playing to crowds of over 30,000 people sharing the stage with bands the likes of KISS, Limp Bizket, Duran Duran, Phish, Hanson, Chemical Brothers, Michelle Branch and many more.
cerrently working with the band Shoz-bot
MP3: www.shoz-bot.com
Website/contact:  email dogboy@shoz-bot.com
drumming its what I do
Heath Francis  * New
I'm a very talented vocalist who has been singing professionally since the age of 11.  I've been hired for weddings, private parties, sporting events, and any other random function that wants a good vocalist.  I would love to get hired for some studio work, I can sing any style you need.  From soulful R&B to rock.  Contact me at heathfrancis@hotmail.com or (707) 616-4727 or (310) 372-0234
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Nate LaPointe
Instrument:  Electric, acoustic guitar, vocals, banjo
Credits:  Touring, experience with jazz, big band & rock groups
Website/contact:  lapointe6@juno.com  or (323) 913 - 3439
Brian LeVan
Instrument:  Guitar
Comments:  All styles; specialize Jazz
Tom Malaska
Instrument: Guitar
Credits: lead guitarist for Raw Nerve, Hotbox Studio work in TruOne Studios 
Comments: looking for a good giging band, into blues, rock, heavy metal in santa clarita
Jon Nilsen
Instrument: sax
Credits: Lucky Sevens, Duke and the Strayhorns, Sidecar Swing
Comments: Available for professional and/or fun situations, any style, 
specialize in Rockabilly, jump blues
Contact: jon_nilsen@yahoo.com
Daren Pfeifer *New

Drums, percussion, exotica sounds and electronica


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Joe Plutschow
Instrument:  Bass
Comments:  All styles
Website/contact:  (818) 383 - 7550
Preston Ritter
Instrument: Drums, percussion, electronic drums
Credits:  Drummer on all hit records by The Electric Prunes 1966-67 (I 
Had Too Much To Dream Last Night; Get Me To The World On Time, etc.). 
 Also recorded or played live with Linda Ronstadt, Beach Boys, Neil 
Diamond, Dobie Gray, James Brown, Louie Bellson, Sandy Nelson, Sassy 
Class, and many other famous artists.  Studio musician for almost 20 yrs. 

I play all styles except hip hop and heavy metal.  Read music.  Also 
play Tahitian drums (Toere & Pahu)

Contact:      Web page & bio: 
                    (661) 251-3834
                    E-mail: prestonr@earthlink.net

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Jon Woodhead
Instrument: Guitar
Credits: Leon Russell, John Stewart, ACE, Maria Muldaur, Tracy Nelson etc.
Comments: Available for any and all professional and/or fun situations.
Website/contact: Jon cdanca6@aol.com