Brandon S. Amison

Yaking Cat Music Studios

Canyon Country, CA

(661) 476 - 9641

"Our sound is music to your ears"


Special Thanks!!!
Dell Computer Systems
Apple Computers

Arturia - Storm
Applied Acoustics - Tassman
Steinberg - Cubase
MOTU - Digital Performer + hardware (THE BOMB!!!)
Cakewalk - Sonar
Tascam/Sound Marketing West - Gigastudio

World Music - Javier & Lori 661-288-2616
West LA Music - Mark Spiwak 310-477-1945
Continental Motorcars 661-255-5381

Todd Yvega
Christian ______
Mitch Marcoulier
Way Forward Technologies - Voldi

All the wonderful Synclavier users in the world
Best Buy staff in Santa Clarita

And everyone else for helping me provide for my family so that I
can run the Radio Station and websites!