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updated 8/07/99


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How NED became everyone's friend!

Marble Offices Proceeds from machine sales went directly into marble desks in the world-wide offices of NED.  Gotta look good!
The Macintosh Fiasco When NED sold Mac IIx, they claimed that only THEIR machine was able to run with the Synclavier.  So they sold their specially modified version for only double the cost!  The only difference was a sticker on the front of the Mac and an RS-422 card.  Such a deal!
WORM The WORM drive originally sold for $30,000.  Funny thing is, the same drive only cost $12,000.  Damn, those ATA cases are expensive!
Need one?  Buy several! It has been rumored that when a famous-type person would need to order one part, the factory would require a large purchase "kit".  "Need a hard drive?  Sure, just buy some memory and a drive controller and we will get it out to you!"
Sting @ the Palladium Sting was hired to compose a special song for the NED.  Then he was contracted to play a private "gig" for all NED employees and their families at the Palladium.

The "Entrance Ticket" was a special custom-made keychain that NED employees and their families could keep.

Memory Three enterprising gentlemen decided to manufacturer their own 4 meg ram cards.  During a service visit, when NED saw these "illegal" cards, the owners of these systems were placed on a year long probation from technical service.  NED also told customers that their software detected "illegal" products and would NOT function.  These memory cards cost several thousands of dollars less than the NED equivalents (the exact same memory chips were used).
Salary There were eleven executives in the company pulling six-figure salaries.
Video Cards An owner bought a Mac for his Synclavier.  It only worked in B&W.  When sent in for repair, after a month or so, NED sent a color graphics card that didn't work at all.  A month later, NED sent a BRAND NEW VIDEO CARD; the B&W card he originally sent in.  After 3 or 4 attempts, the user gave up! 
Service Visits There was a technician who copied libraries from every service call.  At his next visit, he would announce "I stole these sounds!  Want some?"

Also, after working on a tower, there would be "extra" screws laying on the floor.