Yaking Cat Music Studios
Synclavier Card List
Compiled and submitted by:
Malte Rogacki
updated 5/28/99

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He sent it as a pre-formated HTML docuement.  *WHAT A GUY!*

D100 DD floppy controller original controller for older DD floppy drives
D100A HD floppy controller controller for the "Superfloppy"
D107 IMI hard drive controller controller for the old MFM hard drives. requires additional controller card in the Synclavier mainframe
D24/50 SCSI hard drive controller apparently there are also D24 cards in existence which connect with a 32 wire cable to the hard drive. The D24/50 card uses the standard 50 wire SCSI cable
MFC Multifunctional boot card  (contains Loader ROM, D50 terminal interface and D3 Real-time clock)
D66M Monophonic sampling
D66C Monophonic sampling
D30TD Kennedy drive controller controller card for the Kennedy tape streamer
M170 MIDI controller (for 1/4 MIDI)
FPRM C processor  Register module
FPSM C processor Sequencer
D300 B(A?) processor  Register module
D1 B(A?) processor  Sequencer
D4567 Multiply/divide unit
D160 Digital synthesizer interface
D164 Audio output from synthesizers
SK1 or SK2 Keyboard interface
SS1 to SS5 8 FM voices
D40Q combined interface card terminal, mouse, printer interface, boot ROMs
PSV older style poly cards sample playback voice cards
DDV newer style poly cards  sample playback voice cards
DSP70 Digital Signal Processing Time compression/Sample Rate Conversion
Analogics Sample to Memory "Daughter" cards located in the Sample to Memory module for sampling
CIM-1 Clock Interface Module Audio trigger for replacing pre-recorded drum sounds, effects, etc.