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The Care and Feeding of Todd Yvega

("What Synclavier should REALLY be doing to support composers... 
Oh well, maybe another pipe dream that will get glossed-over...")
Brand-spankin' new!


Todd has done more for the Synclavier than anyone will ever know; until now.  Lest his efforts go unnoticed, this page will keep you up to date with his Synclavier programming prowess (say THAT really fast!!!)

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Your Synclavier software updates:

Todd has been writing most of the updates you pay for since Release 4.11(?)  All the bug fixes, faster button entries, smoother operation and slicker enhancements can mostly be attributed to Todd.  So in case you don't know, (ahem)...

Todd writes a large portion of the code and remains nameless (a.k.a. pennyless).

Power Buster Tools:

In case you don't know, Todd was responsible for taking Frank Zappa's "musical chip on his shoulder" and turning it into playable sound on the Synclavier.  Todd made "Civillization Phase III" sound incredible by writing routines or macros to make editing/music creation easier.  Otherwise, it would have sounded like "Jazz from Hell".

Hocketing, track splitting, sound munging (distortion, convolution, synthesis), sample "management", programming, hard disk repair, "Burgular Music" (something that just HAS to be heard!!!!!!) are Todd's speciality (along with some pretty terrific composing).

Does he get any credit?  Of course not.  Oh well, at least I'm happy to know the guy.  After all, he is only JUST a Synclavier Assistant; completely devoid of doing anything but pressing buttons and getting rewarded with a banana from his employers or partner.

Conductor track ('T' page):

Real composing requires the ability to match tempos and timing changes to picture.  Unfortunately, the Synclavier does not allow this ability without reverse-compiling the sequence to guess hit points.  Todd is working on this incredible program in RTP that allows a composer to mark points in real time (while watching video) then slide around these points to perfectly match time/tempo with picture!

Will we ever see this on OUR software releases?!?  I dunno.  Ask Brian or something...

Here is a screen shot (picture could not be reduced.  Too much image-loss):