Yaking Cat Music Studios
Company Profile
updated 1/29/00

My professional viewpoint: 

a)  I refuse to illegally copy and/or distribute "soft" products.  The information/software/libraries on my site were obtained with permission from the original authors. 
b)  I am *not* affiliated with Demas.
c)  I believe in free speech.   Voice your opinion!
d)  If you do not want your letter or question to be posted, I will honor that request .  Also, Email addresses do not get published unless requested or necessary i.e. Classifieds, Profiles, etc. 
e)  Use my site to contact lost Syncla-friends or make some new ones!
f)  *Thank you for all your support, initial memberships, machines sold and projects*

Synclavier-related services my company provides:

a)  Synclavier assistance, including library transfers
b)  Synclavier sound libraries
c)  Synclavier software (S/Link 2.0r6, 68k & PPC)
d)  Used Synclavier machines and parts
e)  All forms of general Synclavier technical help via Email or phone
f)  Member's Only access  It's Here!!!
g)  Hard Drives, Optical, Zip, Jaz, etc.  40,000 units in stock!
h)  Musical Gear locator
i)   Sound libraries for the Emu EIV...
j)   Music Hardware & Software for the Macintosh (Wow!)...
k)  The "SynclavierUnderground" magazine (does this guy sleep?)

Music-related services my company provides:

a)  Music for Television and Film