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S/Link Synclavier to ProTools audio
Release 3.23 Manuals Product Manuals
Software Release List Releases from 'M' to 4.02
NED StartUp v3.4.1 Terminal Emulation
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  Download S/Link (a nifty program which batch converts various sound formats including Synclavier and Direct To Disk)

They are encrypted with a machine specific form of copy protection that requires a challenge/response exchange for authorization. They will run for 15 days without authorization.  The cost to purchase a copy is $99.00 US

SLink 2.0r6 68k
SLink 2.1 PPC
SLink Manual

Macintosh computer with 68020 or later PowerPC processor 
Apple System 7.0 or later 
2 Mb RAM 
Floating Point Processor Unit (FPU) or FPU emulation software, UNLESS you are running with a PowerPC processor 
Sound Manager 3.0 or later 
2 Mb of hard disk space for the program 
SCSI cable, 25 pin male to 50 pin male DB connector 

Contact for authorization:
(780) 424 - 9922 Phone 

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  Download Release 3.23 Manuals
Volume 1 - POSTPRO
Volume 3 - REFERENCE

Formatted in Word
Produced by Demas

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Download Software Release List
This guide lists all software Releases from 'M' to 4.02
Includes features and system requirements

Formatted in Word
Produced by Demas

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  Download NED StartUp v3.4.1
The program allows Macintosh owners to communicate with their Synclaviers in the same manner as a VT640 or Pericom terminal does.

Macintosh with 384k available Ram.
1024*768 graphics.
Null Modem cable, Macintosh male barrel to 25 pin male DB25.

A special thanks to Demas for allowing me to post this program

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