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"Did you know?"

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Did you know?

The Synclavier was actually created in the mid-seventies.

Some towers weigh 500 pounds.

They put out enough heat to match a "wall heater" (16,000 BTU)

You can have 768 meg ram, 96 sampling voices and 32 FM/Additive voices.

The operating system now runs off the Power Mac.

You can get new software and hardware upgrades.

You either love 'em or hate 'em (well, actually both at the same time).

You can use one for years and still come up with new programming ideas.

It is like a hallway full of doors.  Open a door and there is another hallway.

My systems cost more than a house yet I live in an apartment.

No two systems are alike.

There are many models.  Synclavier, Sync II, PSMT, PST, 3200/6400/9600, Direct To Disk, PostPro, PostProSD.