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Failed Products
update 8/19/99

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stuff that didn't or barely reached the market

DSP 32 bit sampling/recording in a 3200/6400 package.
Does everything a ProTools can do.  Except it sounds good!!
D.E.S.C. A giant "remote control" for the Direct to Disk.  It attaches to an RS422 port.  It was essentially a bunch of buttons arranged in a similar manner as a 24 Track machine's remote.  One million dollars was spent to make it not happen. Two? are in existence.
Fostex Foundation N.E.D.'s answer to Sonic Solutions and ProTools.  However, no one in upper management took it seriously.  When the company died, Fostex took over.  To read more, click here.
Digital Signal Processor A nifty device that worked with the DSP70 card to provide EQ and mixing functions with "snap shot" memories.  Two in existence.  One is being used by Alan Howarth.
EditView 4.0 The vapor-ware version that showed audio as waveforms!
Open Developer Environment An idea by S.O.C. to have the Synclavier environment control any audio equipment on any desktop platform.
Synclavier Guitar I don't care who currently uses it, who did own it, etc.  It has the WORST tracking of any synth-guitar I have ever used.  There are certain frets, open strings, picking methods that just CANNOT be used.  Most solo guitar music has to be COMPLETELY arranged around the deficiencies.  What a shame!