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Keyboard Models
updated 6/03/99

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differences between various keyboards

Synclavier I  Non-velocity
Synclavier II Original Release Keyboard "ORK" Non-velocity, plastic keys, 61 keys 
"It's a standard Pratt-Read keyboard as used in a myriad of synths from ARP to Sequential. There's a fix available that gives it much better playability (the rubber "dampers" under the keys usually dry out over the years). The company offering the fix is called Archive Sound"  - Malte Rogacki
Velocity/Pressure Keyboard First Velocity/Polyphonic Aftertouch keyboard
Same as Prophet T-8 keyset
76 keys
Wooden, similar to piano action
"The T-8 keyboard used optical sensors which were sorta "activated" by a small hammer which was operated by the actual key. So it was in a certain way similar to a real piano action. The aftertouch sensors were definitely *under* each key at the T-8 keyboard." - Malte Rogacki
Velocity/Pressure Keyboard, 2nd generation Same as before but has increased resolution of Pitch and Modulation wheels 
Velocity/Pressure Keyboard, "TRIPP" A new design that puts the aftertouch at the end of the key mechanism instead of under the key.
You to place weights on every key to set proper action
EXTREMELY difficult to repair and regulate!
Extra keyboard connector on back for different interface styles (not all models, however)



Service Modification for the V/P Keyboard Increases resolution of Pitch and Modulation wheels (performed as needed at owner's studio)