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An incomplete (and incomprehensible) list of Synclavier Sound Libraries

 NED Timbre Library I, II, II These sounds blow.  The samples sound like oscillators, not recorded instruments.  Fits onto one side of a WORM.
Prosonus I, II, III A good collection of Pianos, Strings, Percussion, Drums, effects, etc. (purchase here)
Sound Ideas
Institution I, II
Denny Yaeger Condensed String Library Denny's string library which can be loaded on the "common man's" Synclavier (32 meg Poly RAM)
Denny Yaeger String Library Denny's string assault!
Sonic Images
LucasFilm You guessed correct!
The Enterprise Sold by Craig Huxley of The Enterprise Studios
Bob Clearmountain Drums; what were you thinking?!


private libraries

Denny Yaeger "My Private Collection" A Synclavier library that was only released to 476I, EMU and SampleCell owners.
NED Demo WORM Samples from "Go West", "Coke Cola", "Elton John", and NED Timbre Library
Herb Pilhoffer Built his library from scratch!  That's right...
Frank Zappa Lots of interesting stuff - burps (actual songs) from his nephew Jade, Tuvans, furniture scrapes, "Revolvers" & "Resolvers" (FM/Additive synthesis sounds that build chords from partials or that play strange exotic-sounding melodies) , etc.
Todd Yvega Probably the best sounding, best organized, largest private libary around.