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differences between various drives

8" hard floppy Original format
5 1/4"  single density floppy Used on older Synclavier II
5 1/4"  high density floppy  "Superfloppy" Current floppy disk
Kennedy Tape Drive 1/2" Streaming tape, 15 to 25 meg per cartridge
Patriot 1/2" tape drives 200 meg streaming tape backup drives for Direct-To-Disk
DDS DAT drives Tape backup drives for Direct-To-Disk
12" Write Once Read Many WORM drive 1024 sectors, 1 gig per side, non-erasable
Tahiti III, IV, V, VI Magnetic Optical 1024 sectors, 512k to 1 gig per side, ability to erase platter
Hard Drives 512 sectors, 5 meg IMI to 9 gig SCSI
Disk Images Exist on Mac environment for use with PowerPC hardware

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