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updated 1/21/03


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Kurt Festge
Alloy Sound
Chicago, IL


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I bought a PSMT D2D system a couple years ago, have sold the D2D since, but
still use and love the Synclav... still nothing sounds quite like it! I have
a PSMT with 16 MB and 32 voices. System was built for Chico State
University, and has been upgraded with a 9 GB W0, a Tahiti 5 2.6 GB MO, and
5.1 software. Runs great on my G3 300 or TiBook 550 -- superfast
screen-draws without the PowerPC upgrade. Will be launching a website for
the studio with pix of the system.

Duff Tuell
Topeka, Kansas

Synclavier PSMT - 32 PSV Voice Tower, 32MB, 16 Outputs, MIDI 1 in 4 out, 
Stereo Sampling, Magneto Optical Drive,
Two Winchesters,  V/P Keyboard, Release 3.2 Software, NED, Prosonus and Bob 
Clearmountain Libraries

Barry Butler
Speakeasy Digital Pte Ltd
#02-00, 115/B Commonwealth Drive
Singapore 149597

Synclavier 6400, 128 poly voices, 12' WORM drive, MIDInet, VST Keyboard, 64 Mgb RAM, 18 Gb HD


Robert J. Borgovini, Dynamics, Inc. Chantilly, VA - Synclavier 6400
Christopher Ringham - 4 Synclaviers, all II's one with V/P Keyboard/midi/smpte/scsi, and 3 rev J's ORK.
Todd-AO, Hollywood, the largest independent post production sound studio in the world, owns 6 Synclaviers.
Gil Feldman - Israel 
3200 tower with 32 PSV voices
Custom rack mount tower (built by Mitch and Myself) with 32 FM voices and 32 DDV 3.5 (non-panning) voices.
Tahiti III M.O. drive
16 Multi outs
V/P Keyboard
Midi 2x8

Post-Pro includes: 2 STM Modules, 16 track of 4 Seagate Barracuda Hard Drives, UDIO Digi transfer box, HP DAT backup drive, 4 Patriot backup drives. 

Gary Chang - His Synclavier is now 96 voices and 192 megs
Luis Gaspar Crespo - PSMT(24/8fm voices - 16ram) with the new keyboard
Joel Chadabe - Owner of the very first Synclavier
Bill Turchinetz - I have a 9600 32x32, Slave Post Pro (16 Trk.) and Oscar Peterson's old 3200 refitted for a small tower and 32 x 32.
Jay Gruska
Ragnarock Recording
Mark Birmingham - Prosonus, Rosemead Music
Dynamics, Inc. - Robert Borgovini
Claude Fuchs - Synclavier and Direct to Disk
Peter Buffet
George Lucas - TONS!
Sean Callery - Synclavier
Craig Harris - Synclavier and Direct to Disk
Laurie Anderson
Harold Faltermeyer - Red Deer Studios (you know, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun)
Tony Banks - Genesis
John Tesh - Synclavier
Anthony Marinelli-Synclavier, composer in california
Buzz Recording, Manhatten, New York City-Synclavier/PostPro
George Duke -Synclavier in garage
Todd Yvega-PSMT,Direct-To-Disk
Frank Zappa-Synclavier 9600,Direct-To-Disk
Brandon Amison-Synclavier II, 3200, PostPro
David Wolf, Dallas, TX-2xPSMT, Direct-To-Disk
Skywalker-app 12 various
EFX Systems-George Johnsen (owner) Burbank, CA-5xSynclaviers, 2xPostPros
Electric Melody Studios-Alan Howarth, Santa Monica, CA- Synclavier 9600
Mark Snow-Synclavier (x2?), "X-Files"
Scott Martin-El Paso, TX-PSMT, Model C
Allen-Martin Productions-PSMT
Michael Jackson
Teddy Riley-Virginia-synclavier
Stevie Wonder-2xsynclavier IIs
Chicago Recording Company-Chicago, Illinois-3xsynclaviers
Henry Kaiser-Has clarinet samples from Z.  "Sugaki for Colon", Devil in the Drain-record, described in Guitar Player
Greg La Porta, New York-trains, consults, composes
David S. Queen-128 FM he pieced together from the garbage!, over at DEMAS
Sync Sound (or Sweet Sync?)-Mexico City, good sized
Jonathan Elias and Associates, did work for YES, one in Cali, one in NY
In Your Ear Recording, Richmond Virginia, Carlos Chafin, Partner/Composer, 16 track PostPro, and second of unkown size
Travis Powers,  Synclavier, Sound Effects and Foley for Simpsons
Frank Proto
Alan Silvestri
Pat Methany
Some Sultan???
Hal Leonard Publishing, 5 synclaviers for printing only
Millennium Sound, several including some for parts
Denny Jeager, (yeah-ger) The guy who made that expensive string library
The Enterpise Studios, Craig Huxley
Herb Pilhoffer, Eric - son, Big ones
?Dave Wilson, Curator,  New England Synthesizer Museum
Steve Croes, Todd's friend at The Complex, LA
Pete Townsend
Eddie Jobson
Mitch Marcoulier, several systems for parts, LA
SLP Productions, NY  - lots of Patriot tapes
Herbie Hancock