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what is it and why should I get one...

What is it? This hardware/software package replaces the ABLE computer in your Synclavier/DtoD tower.  It allows you to use a Macintosh to control ALL aspects of the system from your desktop.
What does it replace exactly? ABLE computer (Model C or Model D), External Memory, Disk Drive, 64k memory
What are some of the features? Faster scrubbing
Faster editing and copying of sound files
No need to boot from a floppy drive.
Faster boot times
External memory is all within the Mac.  If you run out of sequencer memory in your tower, this is now no longer an issue
Synclavier Disk Images on your Macintosh desktop for ease of copying
How fast is it? 10 times speed increase, completely dependent on the speed of your Macintosh
What are disk images? A section of the Macintosh hard drive that is "seen" by the PowerPC software as a "virtual" Synclavier hard drive.  You can copy between "physical" drives and "virtual" drives
What are some of the undocumented features? Multiple users can access one tower
You can perform several tasks withou having to fire up the towers
Printing directly to the Macintosh desktop instead of the back of the tower (no more bizarre PostScript conflicts!!)
Remote networking; while "scrubbing" on the "L" page, other users on a Macintosh network can see the same thing you are
I heard that you can have smaller towers.  Is this true? It is possible to make a 12 space rack that has only the "essentials".  No more than 32 voices are possible.  And you neeed to use the new MegaRAM to save card space.
Where do I get it? Contact Demas or Mitch