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updated 10/18/02

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  Stefan Schramm


i own a synclavier I (two piece-keyobard model), of which, to the best of my
knowledge, only a handful were made. perhaps you have a curiosities section
on your site where you'd like to list it. the configuration is

ABLE A processor
24 kWords RAM
Dual 5" floppy drive

i'd love to hear from others who have one. i'm also looking for the hardware
documentation manual which a 'friend' of mine decided to lose.

best regards,

Stefan Schramm

  Jon Appleton
Synclavier co-developer, composer and one of Electronic Music's greatest contributors.

Dear Synclavier Friends:
I delivered my Synclavier I (only 13 ever made) to Brian George who thinks he can get it working again.  This means I will be able to play pieces I wrote in 1979...for the first time in 20 years!

Jon H. Appleton
Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music
Director, Graduate Program in Electro-Acoustic Music
Department of Music
6187 Hopkins Center
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755 USA
Telephone: +1 603 646-3960
FAX +1 603 646-0258
E-mail: jon.appleton@dartmouth.edu

  Robert J. Borgovini, Dynamics, Inc. Chantilly, VA

Synclavier 6400

Dynamics Audio Services offers commercial audio recording and editing
capabilities for voice and telephony applications.


Christopher Ringham

I live in the UK in Cheshire.  I have 4 Synclaviers, all II's one with V/P Keyboard/midi/smpte/scsi, and 3 rev J's ORK.. I am a musician, and fix/restore vintage synths for a living. I specialise in pre 1985 analogue and digital synths but over the last few years I have personally become more interested in the digital workstations especially Fairlight, PPG, (which I also Service and have several systems of  both types) and more recently Synclaviers - rare in the UK.

  Todd AO

Todd-AO, Hollywood, the largest independent post production sound studio in the world, owns 6 Synclaviers.

We edit sound effects for many television shows and feature films, including Chris Carter's latest show "Harsh Realm".

  Crywolf Music Update

Hi, everyone!! Here's what's been happening over here:

Mary Kay:              Seminar 1999 Operning Music Theme "It's Your Turn!!!"
Barney the Dino:     NEW HOME Video in Production, New CD Released Spring 99
Furr's Cafe:            Catfish Lovers TV:30 and Big Bad John's Ribeye TV:30
Quaker Instant:       Teletummies TV:30 (in production for air this month) 
Daisy Yogurt:         Mi Daisy TV:15
Travel Videos:        "API and You"  Video
GTE:                        "Best Friends" TV:30    (for production this month)

Please stay in touch!!!

David Bernard Wolf
Crywolf Music, Inc.

  Fox Digital 
Studio & Music Equipment  Sales
Audio Solutions for Mac & PC 
Used Equipment Sales

Using a Synclavier PSMT with Direct-to-Disk
Doing Music Productions. Located in Switzerland
'There's still snow on one of the towers' :)

Contact: Claude Fuchs

  S.C.R.L Polygone Productions

Works with a PostPro for documentaries music and sound.

Paul Delnoy
pretty looking, 40 years,3 children,
love Elvis Presley's (Preisley?) movies and walking hair in the wind on
sunday afternoon (till 8pm)

(when I asked for a "bio", he gave a BIO!!!)

ï Chaussée díIxelles, 227b ï B-1050
Tél. : 32.2.640.77.31 ï Fax : 32.2.640.98.56 ï
RCB/HRB 457.413 ï TVA BE 425.357.272 ï Banques

email : facilities@polygone.be

  Joel Chadabe 

Owner of the very first Synclavier
Electronic Music Foundation 


116 North Lake Avenue 
Albany NY 12206 

direct: chadabe@aya.yale.edu

  "New Clear Sky"
"This CD Psychodrama (New Clear Sky) was sequenced & programmed on the 'clav and we are presently looking for management & distribution.  I also used the 'clav for composer Howard Shore on the films M Butterfly, Cop Land, The Game, and eXistenZ.  Please check out the CD's if you like..."
Robert Cotnoir
(914) 351 - 4831
  Ragnarock Recording
A full service recording studio that has the best of the old and new!
  Marshall Sound Design
Johnny Marshall specializes in every aspect of sound and music.  He also has the resume to prove this amazing ability.
  Bob Mithoff 
From albums to television to film, Bob Mithoff has always been a successful composer and arranger.
  Peter Buffet 
"Be sure to check out my new live CD "Spirit" (Or you can check it
out on PBS). You'll see me at the Synclav in a LIVE setting!!! It's

Peter Buffett  http://www.spiritdance.com/

  Todd Yvega
If it is creative and complicated he probably does it.
  Eddie Jobson
"Nash Bridges" Television series
  Mark Snow
"The X-Files" and "Millennium" Television series