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(or why it has lasted so long...)

1)  An Apple PowerMac now runs the Synclavier and all its software

2)  100 khz sampling

3)  Incredible 16 bit A/D converters that are comparable to some 20 bit systems

4)  8 gig hard drives

5)  Save sound libraries to Magnetic Optical disks

6)  768 megabytes of RAM

7)  Write your own software in a computer language called XPL

8)  Write music in a computer language called SCRIPT

9)  All major functions assigned to buttons on the front on the keyboard

10)  There is a screen on the keyboard that doubles information that is on the Mac

11)  128 voices: Any combination of Sampling or FM/Additive synthesis

12)  1 ms accuracy between all the tracks

13)  16 track *integrated* direct to disk recording

14)  Incredibly powerful management of both online and offline sound libraries

15)  One package offers Composing, Scoring, ADR, Looping, Digital Recording, Music Printing, Sequencing, Music and Effects Editorial, Sound Effects Design

16)  The new keyboard has polyphonic aftertouch, 76 weighted keys, a touch sensitive ribbon controller, 5 banks of 32 buttons for easy parameter access, a data entry knob, pitch and mod wheels, LED display, and tons of connections on the back for CV pedals, foot switches, breath controller, etc.

17)  Everything saves under one file name for both sequencing, real-time effects and Direct to Disk recording

18)  *Instant* lockup between sequencing and DtoD

19)  Audio dynamic range that is UNBELIEVABLE!

20)  The closest thing to an orchestra

21)  When mastered, it is a *WORKHORSE*!