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SCSI Error Messages


SCSI Bad Sense Key Errors & Connection Errors (for specific information on SCSI, please see "The S/Link Page")

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SCSI Bad Sense Key Errors (S$SenseKey):
Number: What it means:
0 NO SENSE.  Indicates that there is no specific sense key information to be reported for this device.
1 RECOVERED ERROR.  Indicates that the last command completed successfully with some recovery action performed by the target.  Not a fatal error.
2 NOT READY.  Indicates that the device addressed cannot be accessed.  Operator intervention may be required to correct this situation.  Probable causes of this error:

Winchester:  Wait spin jumper installed or performing self tests.
Optical:  Cartridge not inserted or START button not pressed.
Tape:  Tape not inserted and loaded.

3 MEDIUM ERROR.  Indicates that the command terminated with a nonrecoverable error condition that was probably caused by a flaw in the medium or an error in the recorded data.  A winchester disk showing this error should be formatted.  A tape can be retried, but the data integrity is probably suspect.  This is a fatal error on the optical disk.
4 HARDWARE ERROR.  Indicates that the device detected a nonrecoverable hardware failure while performing a command or self test.  This could be a device or controller failure.
5 ILLEGAL REQUEST.  Indicates that there was an illegal parameter in the command descriptor block or in the additional parameters supplied as data for some commands.  This could be caused by outdated device firmware or interferance on the SCSI bus.
6 UNIT ATTENTION.  Indicates that the removable medium may have been changed or the target has been reset.
7 DATA PROTECT.  Indicates that a command that reads or writes the medium was attempted on a block that is protected from this operation. Disable the write protection on the tape or cartridge and continue.
8 BLANK CHECK.  Indicates than an unwritten block wan encountered while reading a tape or optical disk cartridge, or a written block was encountered while writing an optical disk cartridge.

SCSI Connection Errors (S$SenseKey):
Number: What it means:
0 GOOD CONNECT.  Indicates that connection was made to the SCSI device without error.
-1 ARBITRATION FAILED.  Indicates that the device failed to gain control of the SCSI bus during the arbitration phase.
-2 SELECTION FAILED.  Indicates that the SCSI device did not respond during the selection phase.  The device could be incorrectly cabled or not powered up.
-3 IDENTIFY FAILED.  Indicates that the device did not accept the Identify message after selection.
-4 D24 NOT THERE.  Indicates that the requested D24 board could not be found.  Make sure the jumper is installed to the proper setting.
-5 BAD BUS STATE.  Indicates that the Bus Free phase was not found during connection.  Caused when abother command is still pending on the SCSI bus.
-40 BAD DEVICE.  Indicates that the device is not configured correctly or an unexpected device was encountered.

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